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Next plc (styled as next) is a British multinational clothing, footwear and home products retailer, headquartered in Enderby, Leicestershire. It has around 700 stores, of which circa 500 are in the United Kingdom, and circa 200 across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Next is the largest clothing retailer by sales in the United Kingdom, having overtaken Marks & Spencer in early 2012 and 2014. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

According to a piece written in 2015 by LOUISE ECCLES for DAILY MAIL: Retailer Next ‘bullied’ its workers into accepting a pay cut for working on Sundays and made those who refused redundant. The British giant said it would no longer pay staff more money to work on Sundays because that would be considered a ‘normal’ working day back then. Some staff took redundancy after refusing to accept the deal, while several others said to be undecided. But union GMB said its army of sales assistants and warehouse workers had been ‘threatened’ with their jobs and forced to accept the new terms – which will effectively see their pay cut by up to £1,000 a year.


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sebastian cichowlas says

"Very bad experience! I do not recommend ordering anything from this company.

Two of my packages(gifts) never arrived.

The first one I have ordered 09.12.2020. E-mail confirmed that is supposed to arrive the 14.12.2020. And guess what? It never arrived.

Customer service said they contacted the delivery company and promised me that the package will arrive before Christmas. It never arrived and in the end, they gave me a refund. Lucky me, but because of that my significant other never got a gift...

After this I was willing to order with them again, guess what? The same story! The customer service even changed my address last time so there should not be any mistake happening again, right?

Package is stuck at DPD and probably never coming to me...

So if you really wanna order something that will actually arrive. Just go for other company!



Maya Nikolova says

"Very bad customer support. There is NO live chat, even though they have it as an option. When I contacted them thru the chat, a Russian lady contacted me in RUSSIAN. After said I need support in English and she said that I will be forwarded, the chat just stopped working... it said "you will be contacted in 3 minutes" and that's all you will get!
Most of the items on the website are sold out (which is not a problem). The real problem is that the filter menu doesn't work properly and one cannot filter only the available product..thus you have to scroll thru all products.
Finally, be aware that if you buy,, let's say a dress in size M. If, in the moment that you fulfill Your order, this size is no longer available, the next available size will be automatically added to your cart, substituting the size that you added previously!"

Brent says

"Ordered several items and my PayPal was debited and I received an order confirmation saying the items would be delivered on 26.10.2020. On 27.10. I went on the chat only to be told they had "lost" my order. The items were no longer available to order on the website. In my opinion I was being lied to and certain items on the order were no longer available and so my order was conveniently "lost". How an order can be "lost" in an IT system is a puzzle to me! They can do something with the 20% discount off my next order which was offered!"

Mrs Lesley McCabe says

"Shocking service not what you expect from Next. I order 2 items as presents and arranged for them to be sent to my niece. Only 1 item arrived. I didn't and still haven't had any notification of when 2nd item will be delivered. It was not showing as out of stock when I ordered it. Needles to say, Next have taken full payment for both items.
Currently on to customer service with what I believe is an hour's wait- so the automated message says!!! It's over a week since I placed the order."

NinjaK says

"Shopped in store for years and after finding out I was pregnant I've been unable to shop in store due to being in the high risk category.

Desperately wanted a few items as gifts so we ordered from them and had to get delivered to our house. Begrudgingly paid the £4 delivery charge, when most if not all shops offer a free delivery option over a certain amount (especially under current circumstances) very disappointed to see that they did not.

After paying for my order, I was instantly sent a message to say if I order again in the next 30 minutes I can have free delivery! I am quite shocked and disappointed with next and the way they treat customers. If you can offer this, why not offer it first time around instead of taking advantage of customers and their current circumstances? Not impressed sadly."

judyx says

"I regularly shop at a Next store, but mainly for clothes, and rarely get larger items delivered.
I find the quality of their clothes to be excellent, and great value for money, but I do share others concerns that the quality of some of their furniture has gone downhill over the years. My hubby put together a Bronx flat-pack chest of drawers a couple of years ago, and it was terrible quality. It was wobbling about all over the place, so he had to tighten the screw thingys that much, that it split the panels, so we had to return it. For the prices that you pay, you would expect a lot better quality, than laminated chipboard/MDF

At the time, I wasn't that bothered, as I ultimately ended up saving money by buying a better quality chest from another company.

However, i have now decided to write this review after I recently witnessed a neighbour (and a good friend) receiving delivery of her sofas and chairs.

I am a nurse, and in the current climate, we are wearing N95 facemasks, which offer excellent protection to the wearer, and those around them, as they are extremely tight fitting, and filter out approx 95% of airbourne particles.
I also wear disposable gloves and aprons and use eyewear, as the virus can gain access to your body through the eye's moisture, and obviously I'm regularly thoroughly washing my hands.

I was shocked and concerned to see that NEXT delivery guys only had flimsy blue face mask, and were not wearing single use gloves, aprons or eyewear, and I'd be very surprised if their wagons have proper hand washing facilities.

They have to unpack the sofas and chairs and also have to attach the feet, and in total, they were in her house for approx. 15 minutes. In that time, she said they were sweating a lot, and breathing heavily, and 1 kept having to adjust his mask, as it kept going into his eyes.

With no end in sight to this pandemic, I think delivering furniture into people's houses (which is a confined space after all) is crazy, and is only going to help this deadly virus spread faster, especially as they are only wearing poor quality masks, and with their heavy breathing, a lot of their breath will have leaked from the sides of the mask, into the room, and if they had the virus, would have made it more likely for my friend to have caught it, as small droplets of water vapour from exhaled breath can stay floating in the air for hours, in such a small confined space that is her living room.

I don't blame the delivery guys, as they will only be doing what they are told.
But, in my opinion, Next (the company) are risking the health, and lives of their delivery guys, and all the people that they deliver to.
After reading several other reviews on here, it is clear, that a lot of people don't think that Next care about customer service as much anymore.
As a big company, they will probably be thinking more about their shareholders, and if this is the case, then it may well be seen as a classic example of profit before people.

I am still going to order their clothes, which I will get delievered to my doorstep or shed (if nobody is home), but if you are somebody that wants larger items delivered, then I'd seriously think about carrying them in yourself, as you may get more delivered than what you bargained for.

Is your new furniture really that important that it's worth risking your health/lives for?
I have witnessed the devastating impact that this virus has, and at the time of writing, there are a LOT of younger people in their 20's, filling the beds of the Intensive care depts. It's not just older people that are seriously affected !!"

marta batinic says

"Usually I had no problems whilst ordering Next products online, but I did an (honest) mistake and made an order with wrong (old) address on my account.
It was absolutely impossible to cancel that order or to change address afterwards.
I have spent at least 20 hours on telephone (mostly waiting for available operator) and been transferred to 4-5 department, unsuccessfully.
At one point it seemed that they managed to cancel the order, and convinced me to make another one to the right address (and took the same amount of money again). I thought "Ok, that's it." But no, delivery has been made to my old address and they said that on their system it says it was delivered to my new address. What a mess. Can't believe they have such a bad online system in 21st century."

nik graham; says

"Placed an order on 2/7/20 and still haven’t received my order they have changed the delivery date 6 times .Im so disappointed in the service I will not be ordering again from next .I have phoned several times and told your parcel will be delivered then nothing happens."

Julie McHugh says

"I work for Next in South Elmsall and it's pretty rubbish at the moment. A lot going on with regard to shifts and pay. Not happy!"

Maja Matilde says

"My package never came.
I’ve bought some clothes last month and was supposed to get my package on the 16. July. Because of corona, it could take a little longer.
One week after and I still haven’t received my package, so I texted and they told me that the package was on the way and I just needed to be patient. 2 weeks after and I was still waiting for the package, this time I wanted to know what was going on. The Flight that the package was supposed to come with was canceled and that was the reason why it was taking so long time. (But I received a package from China? And it’s even took less than 2 weeks)
After 3 weeks of waiting for my package, I decided that I don’t wanna keep waiting for this package and get my money back. So I after 4 weeks of waiting for my package I finally received my money and no package. NEVER gonna buy anything from this website again 🙂"

Karl says

"First time ordering a next delivery and never again.... it was suppose to be delivered to store a Monday, it wasn’t, received an email advising SLIGHT delay we’ll be in touch (to me that means driver possibly stuck in traffic) heard nothing Monday or Tuesday, went into store after work, useless teenage employer advised item was out of stock!!! Contacted next via twitter to complain, for back to me on Wednesday advised it is in stock and they can organise home delivery free of charge Friday morning... I had family arriving from London for a weekend Thursday evening and wanted house perfect... Accepted their offer, waited in all day Friday, changed plans and had a front garden party with family as it was hottest day of the year, Hermes delivery stayed at 17:00 they attempted delivery and access was blocked!!!! I live in a new build estate 3 houses from main enterance so BULL!!! Contacted call centre, another useless employee lucky to have a job in this climate suggested see if it get delivered tomorrow if it doesn’t just go online and reorder again?!?!? Oh yea of it fails tomorrow I’ll just forget about the £100 and pop online and reorder another and hope for the best!!! They re schedular delivery for Saturday so stuck in the house for two consecutive days ruined family’s time up from London as they fly back Sunday, Contacted twitter to complain and trish advised - “ sorry for the inconvenience”!!! I will NEVER use next delivery service again!!!! And quite frankly as much as I love next products I never want to deal with another uselsss, incompetent employee who lacks common sense and couldn’t give a flying!!!!"

Nicola Lee-harrison says

"I’m so angry next have robbed me of so much money just helping their self to my bank account someone had taken goods out in 7 accounts what a mess I’ve had no apology no nothing they owe me hundreds the fraud team are totally useless and gosh they do lie all empty promises I’m ill in a wheelchair and I haven’t been able to pay bills because of this bloody company all they do in that fraud team is nothing I’ve had no corespondents or nothing they know they owe me money dating as far back as January it’s all such a mess they say we will ring you back and don’t I’m so mad that now we’ve instructed a Solisitor to serve Court papers I have no other choice I contacted Simon Wolfson this morning and spoke to his sectarian I told her most of what had happened she said leave it with her I’m appalled that I’ve even had to go this far to get the money which is mine back who do these people think they are they are targeting vulnerable disabled people it’s sickening shame on you next this is only part of the problem we have gone through their fraud team and managers are useless and they are getting paid to do nothing..........,,,"

I don't wish to disclose says

"Wanted to return an item which was home delivery. It was quite a small mirror.

I was told they couldn’t collect it during covid but next would get in touch to arrange collection when their home delivery service resumed.

I was told I had to pay my directory balance or minimum payment for the unwanted item.

Nobody got in touch, I chased this up weeks later. The item has since been collected and I was told I wouldn’t have to chase up my refund. I’ve now received another statement, trying to charge another payment in this item plus interest. I emailed Next 6 days ago regarding this~I’ve heard nothing.

I cannot understand why they couldn’t remove this off my account. This has been hassle and unnecessary.

I tried calling next today and it’s an automated message, not taking calls.


I’d like a refund in the item and my payment refunded. Along with the interest removed. I don’t want to have to make another payment for an item you have in your possession.

This isn’t very good. I’m not happy."

Lady F says

"Next what has happened to you after many years of good service , all of a sudden it has all gone down hill using Hermes as your delivery option. I have had messages saying parcels delivered , so firstly never delivered to the correct address and secondly actually the one parcel not delivered at all so where are my goods that they claim have been delivered. To top it all absolutely no way of contacting anyone at next to sort this out . Hermes in Dorking area is dodgy at the moment beware people and hold back from ordering from next until this gets sorted"

Andria says

"I placed an order that said it will arrive if 3-4 days. I contacted customer service on email and on online chat (as i wanted to make sure i will recieve it on time the website said) and they BOTH said it was about to dispatch "any time now" on Wednesday and that i should recieve by Friday. Its today Friday i contacted them again on online chat, i gave the lady my details and i asked her if she can check it and her answer was "you mean the order you placed ONLY monday?" lol im sorry that i placed my order ONLY monday i guess i had to guess that the customer service online and on email lied to me and i guess i should have guessed that i will not recieve it even if both customer services confirmed it and the website said the delivery will come on time too. Also you cant cancel any order before its shipped, you cant find them on phone as its always "busy" and also iasked if i can have a discount in store or something to go buy the items from the store but her answer was that i placed the order ONLY Monday
lol cheers, never again !"

Mark Lungaro says

"Disappointed. Definitely needs improvements on how they operate and take care of their customers. My wife placed an order but after 5 min she realised one of the items had the wrong size. Immediately she got in touch with the customer service chat agent, but they refused to amend or cancel our order. She was told to send it back via post when she gets it even though we have to incur
additional cost to ship back to the UK from Malta. Is this really the best that can be done as an online shop? Ok thanks, but no thanks. Won't buy again."

Rodger says

"Looking at Trustpilot it seems either it’s perfect, or very poor. Unfortunately my experience is very poor, seemingly clueless.
I ordered 3-items for delivery in France. First email said it was underway
2nd said DPD were handling it.
Then an email saying there was a short wait, meanwhile DPD still have not received the parcel.
On Sunday I start the first of 3 chat sessions, after the operator referred my problem to her supervisor, I was told that it would be delivered by DHL on Monday - no tracking information from DHL. DPD still awaiting the parcel.
Yesterday I chatted with Katie, she said that she would investigate and send me an email. Nothing arrived.
Today I chatted with Swapnil, she suggested that I wait longer.
I said I was unwilling and requested cancellation and a full refund.
No can do, was her reply, you need to send an email.
I send the email and following a Read receipt I get an auto reply saying it could take 7-days until someone deals with my request.
What an utter shambles!
You can find nothing in your account details other than lots of ways to receive marketing material from them. So no reference for what you have bought, or the transaction details. Amazon would allow you to cancel online, but then they understand customer service.
In fairness, the refund has been achieved very quickly. However the strange methods of Next are complete as I received 3 refunds, rather than just the one payment I made for the 3-items ordered."

Corine Kool says

"I really am a fan of Next and order regularly. Customer service these days are poor.
I bought 4 dresses. Three were the same model in the same size. They were to big so i returned three of them obviously. When i recieved the return confirmation it said they recieved only twe dresses back instead or three. I tried to chat, but that is impossible because they are always 'busy'. I have send an email 4 days ago. I have left the same message at a contact form. Today i managed to start a chat. I started the conversation and in a few minutes...'POOF' ....has left the chat! How rude! So no solution. no one seems to bother. Just awful service. I am sad because i want to stay a happy customer, but not this way.
Really so dissapointed!"

Stella Sol says

"I made a purchase on a store in a store in London 2 weeks ago and got asked to pay twice because the first time a receipt didn't print. I even showed the clerk the double charge on the revolut app and she insisted that it would be cancelled, which of course didn't. I tried contacting them, before I left UK and they answered after I left asking me to go to the store, which obviously I can't do. I tried chatting with an assistant on their site but everyone leaves the chat with no comments - like literally running away. Horrible after sales service and horrible clerks at least. Very bad experience for a store that I liked a lot.
Very disappointed and will report them on Revolut and request a refund"

Jane Moore says

"Next want me to feel fatter by forcing me to go up a size for their clothes to fit... I think Next are going down the Topshop route... were skinny is good.
So Hobbs, Phase Eight, M&S are kind to me and I feel happy. But Next, you'll be crying when the clothes arrive fatty.
3 stars and not 1? Yep because I like a lot of their styles, I just turn a blind eye to their cruelty 😂😂😂"

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